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The Multifamily Leasing
Enablement Guide (V2, 2022)

Jam-packed with even more vendor insights,
actionable sales tips, data, and more!

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In Version 1, we introduced you to the format and a lot of talking points from
leasing professionals working on the operator-side. For Version 2, we will
cover Leasing Enablement based on your suggestions, plus data points
from technology vendors to really drive home the importance of the
"6 ING"'s (we've added an ING) of Multifamily Leasing Enablement.

We call this "Leasing Enablement",
we are sharing everything!

The Multifamily Leasing Enablement Guide (V2, 2022)
includes topics like:

  • Things that help leasing professionals stand out.
  • How to further yourself and your teams professionally (and personally).
  • Ways to overcome roadblocks associated with signing a lease agreement.
  • What metrics matter the most in leasing agent reporting.
  • And more!

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